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I'm bored with the scenery in Gainesville and thus interested in meeting new people. Really I was bored before work, so I'm posting for fun, not relationships specifically.

I'm I work a lot and school's the big priority after friends and good times. I try not to take shit too seriously, curse like a sailor and talk out of my ass all the time. (It's really exciting to watch, not many people actually articulate out of their ass.)

I like all music, even Christina Aguilera and Ashlee Simpson sometimes. But I never listen to the radio because of the following "artists"
-Ja Rule
-P. Diddy
-Avril Lavigne
I have a thing for Mos Def. Regularly jam out to Clash, Ramones, Tribe, Blackstar, J-5, Roots, Bob Dylan, Phish, Dashboard, Silverstein.

I like Gainesville Green, a lot. I'm big on existential writers, but love Alice Walker. I was raised on NPR, crosswords and Cafe con Leche.

You can obviously find more on my ell-jay.
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