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Gainesville Dating
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A community for dating in Gainesville, FL

Welcome to Gatordate!! I'd like to say things are relatively self-explanatory... post a personal, make it good, don't be mean, but in case they aren't... here are some rules. These rules are subject to change incase an unforeseen problem arises.

*******Revised again, Rule 8. Moderation is going to be reactive rather than proactive. Everyone is free to post until they post something terribly vile and even then I'm going to go on a two strike policy. The first strike will be called a misunderstanding, and the second will be an offense. Also in accordance with this, posts in the community will remain only visible to members, but membership is open. This is to keep a far more accurate perspective as to how active the community is*******

1. Absolutely NO bashing other people, whatever the case may be. If abuse is reported you will be BANNED.

2. Post pictures! You can learn how to post a picture here. Pictures tend to generate more comments, and you are therefore more likely to get laid a fun date. You can host your photo freely at Photobucket.

3. Have some way for people to contact you! Many people won't post something public to another person, but don't mind IMing someone they've never met before. Try including your Instant Messenger screen name.

4. No matter who you're looking for, I bet they'd prefer if you sound intelligent. None of this, "Lyk I go to UF and i'm lyk a biiig weed sm0ker." You just sound dumb, trust me.

5. You can post more than once, but don't keep posting several times in a row -- it just takes up room.

6. Try to lj-cut any long entries. You can learn how to lj-cut here.

7. This community is so you can find dates, not friends. I don't mind if a couple people post looking only for friends, but if it gets too insane, I guess it'll have to go.

8. This community is moderated, meaning that I approve every entry before it goes up. Mostly, this is so I feel special. Still, I reserve the right to withhold any entry from viewing.

NEW REVISED RULE 8. If you post a non-spam, solid entry, you have GatorDate's permission to continue posting without the entry being moderated. All new persons posting will still have a moderated entry, but after the first time, you're on your own. I reserve the right to delete anything inappropriate, libelous, or vile.