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Just a quick "Hello"

Hello everyone. I'm new to this community, so I figured I should introduce myself. I'm Jeremy. I "found" this website when a friend heard me say that I could never find a girl to go on a date with. I'm not a fan of bulleted lists, but I guess it is the easiest way to dish out my information, so here is the only one you will see from me.

* I am a 21 year old male.
* I am majoring in Horticultural Science at UF.
* I work in computer technical support (I was a computer/electrical engineering major once.)
* I am not a big fan of bars, but I do go to Stubbies on University Ave sometimes.
* A picture of me can be found here and my personal website here.

Ok, enough of the bulleted list
I'm a pretty easy going and open minded guy. I have been told that I am a liberal, but I'm not much into politics. I do vote, and I pay attention to the issues at hand, but I have never sided with any one camp, just the candidate that I think will try to screw me the least.
My Yahoo! screen name is kyokun340 (big surprise) and my AIM name is DextorBoyGenius. You can also e-mail me at Drop me a line if you want to talk and learn more about me. I'll answer almost any question if asked.
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Hello! It has been a long time. Guess the university is a smaller place than I thought. Are you still using the same AIM screen name?
You must have some tastey ankles ;)
She never got that far. :P
oh, you're cute, not that it's that important. If ya wanna hang out or talk sometime I am game. I was a biology major with an emphasis in Botany.
I'm always up for a good conversation. IM or e-mail me and we will meet up.
I looked at your website and noticed you have Charming Hooligan pictures, but you do not look farmiliar from the picture, are you from the Palm Harbor area?
I'm actually from Tampa. I have friends in Largo that took me to my first Hooligan's show at the Clearwater Cinema Cafe and I've been going every chance I get since then. It is hard finding the time to drive from Gainesville, but I go at least once a month. As a matter of fact, I'll be at the Friday night show this weekend.