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It's been a slow semester so far, and I've decided it's time for some fresh blood in my life.

I'm a 20 year old junior at UF majoring in religion. This is an erotic image of me enjoying a warm winter night by the fire with a yeti that I feel does a good job of capturing my appearance. If you must see a real picture of me, here I am preparing for hurricane Frances.

I rarely drink, never smoke, and tend to avoid drugs. The Internet consumes far more of my free time than it should. I'm fairly varied in the music I listen to, although my tastes have been growing slowly more and more esoteric as time goes on. My current obsessions are Rip Slyme, Richard Cheese, Senior Coconut, and Knifehandchop, although the list changes weekly. I'm fairly moderate politically, although I'll probably be voting for Kerry this election. Bush's foreign policy is a little too reckless for my tastes.

My sense of humor leaves me entranced by the bizarre and the unfortunate. I have been socially crippled by in-jokes, with seemingly harmless words like 'brain' and 'internet' sending me into manic fits of humor. I find much more humor in situations than jokes, probably because I'm much more conceptual than verbal. I'm a big fan of dichotomies within a whole, especially that between refinery and latent corruption. If my typing is somewhat foppish this is the reason. I'm just feeding my own sense of humor.

I rather enjoy conspiracy theories, from the Illuminati to shape-shifting reptiles to the Rothschilds. Cryptozoology and unexplained phenomena, also, leave me all atwitter, with some of my favorites being the tazelwurm and Springheel Jack. Hell, the occult in general fascinates me. I'm extremely tempted to join the Freemasons once I hit 21.

Years of internet use have left me completely desensitized. This is a double-edged sword. On one hand there is very little that weirds me out, letting me experience an extremely open mind. There are no subcultures I hold against people, preferring to judge them on individual merit alone and I am almost completely non-judgmental when it comes to personal beliefs. On the other hand, the desensitization can be a bit much for some people. If my goatse winamp skin unnerves you it is probably a doomed relationship.

If you want to further burrow into my brain IM me at 'OtspIII'. I don't use away messages very often, so don't worry if I don't respond for a few minutes/hours/days.

PS. Despite my fondness for homoeroticism, I'm ladies-only when it comes to erotic activities. Sorry, boys.
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