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The time for maturity is over! Or something like that. XD

Yeah, yeah, I'm the resident music, anime, yaoi, Adult Swim, Homestar Runner freak on campus (2nd year in liberal arts, or in other words, just saying I don't know what the hell I want in life), which I'm sure makes my world a population of one. Admittedly, it took me a while to post, but to be completely honest, the combination of All Your Base and Rejected (my spoon is too big, Tuesday's coming did you bring your coat-ness) references in addition to the fact that I'm so damn lonely and bored doing homework on a Friday night (the lowest of the low) that I just had enough.

As for what I want, I don't really care. Guy, girl, fine with me. I'm very open-minded. With a lot of things. (XD) Just please try to share some common interests so I don't end up with nothing to talk about, but random IMs are encouraged!! My other journal (see below, last paragraph) has a full slate of interests so I'm sure something in there's a match, although I do have a leaning toward more anime fans (someone's gotta know who my icon is of!) and adult swim fans that I can swap awesome quotes with. That'll make my day...more like my year. XD I like creative people who can write and be imaginative and give my creativity a well needed boost. Currently, mine is about DOA. And music. Damn, music is awesome. I love all kinds of modern rock, and I dabble into techno on occassion, but yes, music is what keeps me going at 3 in the morning!

Anyway, as for more about me, check out my other LJ at imperfectkatoru. You can find a website and more miscellany there. This journal is, to use a fancy word, a facade. AIM is Logical Mystic. See's been real!
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