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Well hello all! My name is Stephanie and I'm 19 years old. I've been in Gainesville for a little over a year now, and it was not unitl recently that i tried dating here. I've foudn that college boys are very unreliable! I came across this community and thought "maybe i can find a nice boy in there"; so here i am.

**I'm a Journalism major (telecommunications) and I'm trying to get into the interdisciplinary program (Film Studies)
**I'm into film, but only recently. I LOVE movies...for the most part. The crap that has been coming out lately is rather disappointing. Enough with the censorship. Latest movie disappointment: Aeon Flux is on hold. I was already upset that its live action, but now i have to wait even longer to see it :(
**Music is my life. I dont play it, but i do listen to it...ALL the time. I'm not a music nazi, i tend to like like everything. Right now i'm really into postal service, from autumn to ashes, and yeah yeah yeahs.
**I'm a smart ass with an affinity for useless trivia (AKA jeopardy addict...i hate you ken)
**I dont mind talking about politics and religion at the dinner table.
**I'm a liberal. I dont know, some people like that kind of thing

Enough about me, lets talk about you for a minute...

**Boys who are well read and use SAT words (correctly) are HOT. I suppose i like the nerdy type.
**I tend to prefer Liberals, but it doesnt really matter.
**I'm looking for someone who wont be offended by my smartass, sarcastic, cynical remarks and not confused at my random insertions of useless trivia.

I suppose thats only the tip of the iceberg with me, so if you are interested, contact me at DfeatedDiscordia (AIM) or


PS Click for Pics!
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Boys who are well read and use SAT words (correctly) are HOT.

and i never thought my perfect verbal score would amount to anything.

you sound like me, except i'm reporting.
pimpin, a perfect score? that rocks me. theres alot of jou majors in here...
well, there's a lot of magazine jou majors in here. not my style. (the illuminati run the mag program)
The Illuminati runs everything.
college boys are sooo whack
yes thay are
Glad I'm out of school... Anyways, I didn't get a high score on my Verbals (Only got about 650) but I still use all that I learned in my writing.

"I'm looking for someone who wont be offended by my smartass, sarcastic, cynical remarks and not confused at my random insertions of useless trivia."

I would be a total hypocrite if I was offended.
Whee. I know all the boys who commented! I recommend all of them! Let me know how it turns out. :P

I know you're looking for a male date subject, but you sound an awful lot like me as well. So maybe you may also want a female friend type situation? If so, my IM name is Vampyrblod.

I, sadly, only receieved a 710 on my verbal, much to my dismay. However, I am sure I can beat you at being sarcastic any day.

Hope to hear from you!

Goldi has spoken.
well i also got a 710, but since my school is full of idiots, i got the highest in my class...there were tons of 700s tho...i'd totally dig hanging out. watch the debate tonite

kerry-edwards 04 woo!
Ive usually been the smartest in my class. It gets annoying after a while when people stare at you in dumbfounded confusion when you use a complex word like plethora. Oy.

Eh, Kerry-Edwards is not Bush so I'll support 'em just the same. However, I don't believe in voting for the lesser of two evils. We seriously need to amend our politcal process.

Goldi has spoken.
I think I've met you before. Did you go to a party at Dustin's place about two months ago?
possibly...i've been to a couple parties in the past couple months, but i dont know who thre them. it was kinda friend of a friend type dealies...where does this dustin person live?
u was not hanging out with a french girl...sorry
A party at my place or a different dustin?

oh how alcohol dulls the memmories and lightens the mood.
hi, liked your post. i'm more math than verbal, if that's ok. ;) aim: nlpsoldier