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A man for all seasons

Whats up folks?I'm Dave (23 y.o.) and I am fed up with the girls I have had the misfortune of dating lately. Is it so hard to find a girl who desires knowledge? I don't normally mess around with this kinda thing and it's only a semi-serious thing. I'm more interested in finding a cool person to hang out with. A trifle about me.

  • I am a political creature. Aristotle says all humans are political animals. Aristotle was a moron because most Americans I run across couldn't care less about how our country is run. I just want a girl who is moderately interested in this stuff. If Rep. John Conyers (D- MI) comes on TV, I wouldn't expect her to say "oohhhh, he's great on the appropriations committee!" That might weird me out a little, actually.
  • Intellect is important. I say some pretty arcane crap. My references range from J.J. of Good Times fame to St. Thomas Aquinas to Samuel Clemons and everything in between. I'd like to meet someone who cna be as wise-assed as myself.
  • Music is capital. I cannot play a lick. I am probably tone deaf...or lazy...or both. I do enjoy fine music. I am so tired of listening to crap pop music. I am sick of listening to Kenny Chesney or Brtiney, or Lil' Jon, Lil' Flip or any other Lil'. You know th ekind of disposable garbage in talking about. I enjoy A Tribe Called Quest, Nada Surf, Modest Mouse, Outkast, The Roots, Zeppelin, the Beatles, Ben Folds, NOFX, RX Bandits...all sorts of good stuff.Punk, hip-hop, rock...i dont regulate, as long as there is talent behind it.
  • Cinema is the same way. Predictable, cardboard crap with Kate Hudson is unacceptable. The latest romantic comedy is usually tripe. Sometimes they come out with one that doesn't suck. I will go see it. I am a romantic dude, but movies liek How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days have ruined it for the true romantics by distilling feeling down to staid polt designs and recycled predicaments.I think to be wowed when I see a movie. Not see the same thing over and over. Remember when they had that big spate of parent/child soul switch movies? Big, Vice Versa, etc...THEY WERE ALL THE SAME! One has Judge Reinhold and the other, Tom Hanks.   
  • All in all, im a nice guy. I am kinda silly at times and serious at others. I just do not suffer fools gladly. its the only thing I'm really picky about. Hair color doesnt bother me. Skin color doesn't concern me. I actually don't like giant breasts, unless you have them. Heh. You know what I mean, it's not something I go chasing after. I just want a cute, really bright girl, who doesn't have to go out and get drunk and act like a fool every weekend. I am 6 feet tall but I am narrow. I will never be a linebacker. I try to work out to keep on what mass I can, but I am not a meathead. I have started describing myself (tongue-in-cheek-ly) as svelte. The upside is, I will never be fat. The downside is, if you wont a dude who weighs 200 lbs, I am not him. But generally, the type of girl I like isn;t concerned with superficiality, besides, I'm still cute in that narrow lanky way.Or so they say.

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