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Jumping on the band wagon

And im totally gonna bullet style things too
-My name is Mike
-JOU major at UF.
-no beard
-200 lbs
-If you ignore the way i look, that i bathe regularly and have no plans to die for the sins of mankind then you might confuse me with jesus
-Oh yeah and Im not religous
-I work for a newpaper that covers small towns north of gainesville
-Much moving as a child
-I dont get angry . . . basically ever
-I have some issues with what i like to think of as an over active imagination

-games (card, board, video, word, etc)
-cheesey jokes
-cheesey horror movies
-rock climbing

-most competitive sports
-health food
-seinfeld and that raymond guy that aperently everyone loves
-walking barefoot on glass
-loud clubs
-shocking myself when i unplug things

Goals in life
-working at a nice news paper
-Saving mankind from aliens, zombies, werewolves . . . you know basic threats
-writing a novel
-being a sex columnist (I am the all knowing Don Juan after all :P )

Pet Peeves
-people who have to constantly bitch about how awful there lives are when really things are going fine (some bitching is aloud, just not constant)
-being preeched at
-biting my cheeks

What I'm looking for
-a woman (sorry guys)
-good sence of humor
-smarter than the average bear
-someone a bit kinky
-im pretty open really

If you want to know more about me just check out my diary (i mostly just post in it as a way to help excersize my demons when i can't sleep, so It's not ag reat representation of who I am) or IM me at donjuandemiko.

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