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[09 Nov 2004|01:31am]

Hi. My name is Lindsey, I'm 20, bisexual (more interested in girls), movie-obsessed, conservative, vegan, and otherwise boring.

Low-quality pictures here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/redstripe/406451.html#cutid1
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Hi. [21 Oct 2004|08:44pm]

I'm bored with the scenery in Gainesville and thus interested in meeting new people. Really I was bored before work, so I'm posting for fun, not relationships specifically.

I'm 20...one. I work a lot and school's the big priority after friends and good times. I try not to take shit too seriously, curse like a sailor and talk out of my ass all the time. (It's really exciting to watch, not many people actually articulate out of their ass.)

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Just a quick "Hello" [10 Oct 2004|04:19am]

Hello everyone. I'm new to this community, so I figured I should introduce myself. I'm Jeremy. I "found" this website when a friend heard me say that I could never find a girl to go on a date with. I'm not a fan of bulleted lists, but I guess it is the easiest way to dish out my information, so here is the only one you will see from me.

* I am a 21 year old male.
* I am majoring in Horticultural Science at UF.
* I work in computer technical support (I was a computer/electrical engineering major once.)
* I am not a big fan of bars, but I do go to Stubbies on University Ave sometimes.
* A picture of me can be found here and my personal website here.

Ok, enough of the bulleted list Read more...Collapse )
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[05 Oct 2004|02:10am]

[ mood | flirty ]

It's been a slow semester so far, and I've decided it's time for some fresh blood in my life.

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The time for maturity is over! Or something like that. XD [01 Oct 2004|07:55pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Yeah, yeah, I'm the resident music, anime, yaoi, Adult Swim, Homestar Runner freak on campus (2nd year in liberal arts, or in other words, just saying I don't know what the hell I want in life), which I'm sure makes my world a population of one. Admittedly, it took me a while to post, but to be completely honest, the combination of All Your Base and Rejected (my spoon is too big, Tuesday's coming did you bring your coat-ness) references in addition to the fact that I'm so damn lonely and bored doing homework on a Friday night (the lowest of the low) that I just had enough.

As for what I want, I don't really care. Guy, girl, fine with me. I'm very open-minded. With a lot of things. (XD) Just please try to share some common interests so I don't end up with nothing to talk about, but random IMs are encouraged!! My other journal (see below, last paragraph) has a full slate of interests so I'm sure something in there's a match, although I do have a leaning toward more anime fans (someone's gotta know who my icon is of!) and adult swim fans that I can swap awesome quotes with. That'll make my day...more like my year. XD I like creative people who can write and be imaginative and give my creativity a well needed boost. Currently, mine is about DOA. And music. Damn, music is awesome. I love all kinds of modern rock, and I dabble into techno on occassion, but yes, music is what keeps me going at 3 in the morning!

Anyway, as for more about me, check out my other LJ at imperfectkatoru. You can find a website and more miscellany there. This journal is, to use a fancy word, a facade. AIM is Logical Mystic. See ya...it's been real!

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[29 Sep 2003|04:33pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Well hello all! My name is Stephanie and I'm 19 years old. I've been in Gainesville for a little over a year now, and it was not unitl recently that i tried dating here. I've foudn that college boys are very unreliable! I came across this community and thought "maybe i can find a nice boy in there"; so here i am. Read more...Collapse )

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All your dates are belong to us [22 Sep 2004|07:37pm]

let's pretend that I'm not a total dumbass and this post never happened.
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All your dates are belong to us [22 Sep 2004|05:08pm]

Yes, I'm a dork. I guess I could be described a quirky and occasionally spunky; but never boring. I know it sounds cliche', but I really do enjoy "trying new things." It's a big world out there and I want to experience as much of it as I can before I go. What I'm looking for? Mostly men (I'm open to women but I tend to be very picky in that area),  age doesn't really make too much of a difference, I've been known to rob both cradles and graves. Mainly someone fun and somewhat adventuresome who's not a total dumbass. If you want a more complete profile with pictures and whatnot you can find one here. My yahoo personals name is Vivlamoi and my Aim is ChibiAino if you're interested.
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A man for all seasons [21 Sep 2004|06:49pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Whats up folks?I'm Dave (23 y.o.) and I am fed up with the girls I have had the misfortune of dating lately. Is it so hard to find a girl who desires knowledge? I don't normally mess around with this kinda thing and it's only a semi-serious thing. I'm more interested in finding a cool person to hang out with. A trifle about me. Read more...Collapse )

Get back at me by IMing me at SkaPaFeel. e-mail me at dfasano@ufl.edu

Check out more pics of me at my homepage pics

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NEW NEW NEW [20 Sep 2004|03:36pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Hello everybody. I am new to Gainesville. I would like to meet new people. Partying is always fun...

I am a:
-18 Year old male
-Birthday on: July 15
-Live with my sister and brother-in-law in an apartment on 16th ave. (IT IS NOT A BAD LIVING CONDITION)
-Like to go clubbing, go to the movie, like to bowl, just hang out, play video games, goto the mall, just about anything really
-I play cello, guitar, bass guitar(a little), piano(a little), sing.
-I like almost every kind of music but i tend to lean away from country.
-I am 5"9'
----If you want a pic ask for one i can get one ASAP!
-My screen name is StaindRed04
-My E-mail is mikelhs04@hotmail.com
--Hope to meet alot of people!!

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[15 Sep 2004|08:11pm]

Hi! I'm Christina. I just joined, because well, why not?
I'm 21 and a senior at UF studying business. I'm in the process of applying to some law schools right now. I'm from Wellington, which is near West Palm Beach.
I'm not into clubbing or partying AND of the two classes I have this semester that are not online, one is all girls and the other is 95% girls, which makes it a bit difficult to meet guys.
I like movies, hanging out with my friends, reading (Barnes and Noble is my addiction), and sometimes I try to cook. I love baking things, because I have a major sweet tooth.
I like to be friends first with guys I date. Otherwise, I'm way too quiet.
I wonder how long it will take my friends to notice I joined this community.
I guess that's all! :)
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[15 Sep 2004|07:06pm]

Hi I'm Tamara, pronounced 'Tam-a-ra, NOT Ta-'mar-a. I go to UF, I'm in engineering...it's so fun. I wouldn't say that I'm necessarily looking for a relationship/dating/etc, but perhaps good friends and then see how it goes type of thing.

stuff about me...
i'm 20
i'm blonde
short hair, like a boys cut almost
acceptable build
i have nice straight teeth but they could stand some whitening
i live by myself
i love psittacines
i like to go to the gym to workout
i like music a lot- even some country (but not country western)
i'm not into the club scene...it's too fake
i'm not about leading unfulfilling relationships based on lies
i like movies a lot
i gave up on wearning makeup all the time
i like to ride my bike
i love dogs
i hate self-centered people
i like computers, and am intersted in network stuff (optimization)
i'm getting a minor in statistics
and that's about it....you can im me if you want at schnamara
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Jumping on the band wagon [15 Sep 2004|05:06pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

And im totally gonna bullet style things too
-My name is Mike
-JOU major at UF.
-no beard
-200 lbs
-If you ignore the way i look, that i bathe regularly and have no plans to die for the sins of mankind then you might confuse me with jesus
-Oh yeah and Im not religous
-I work for a newpaper that covers small towns north of gainesville
-Much moving as a child
-I dont get angry . . . basically ever
-I have some issues with what i like to think of as an over active imagination

-games (card, board, video, word, etc)
-cheesey jokes
-cheesey horror movies
-rock climbing

-most competitive sports
-health food
-seinfeld and that raymond guy that aperently everyone loves
-walking barefoot on glass
-loud clubs
-shocking myself when i unplug things

Goals in life
-working at a nice news paper
-Saving mankind from aliens, zombies, werewolves . . . you know basic threats
-writing a novel
-being a sex columnist (I am the all knowing Don Juan after all :P )

Pet Peeves
-people who have to constantly bitch about how awful there lives are when really things are going fine (some bitching is aloud, just not constant)
-being preeched at
-biting my cheeks

What I'm looking for
-a woman (sorry guys)
-good sence of humor
-smarter than the average bear
-someone a bit kinky
-im pretty open really

If you want to know more about me just check out my diary (i mostly just post in it as a way to help excersize my demons when i can't sleep, so It's not ag reat representation of who I am) or IM me at donjuandemiko.


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Ok I'm game... [15 Sep 2004|02:28pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi all, I'm Nina. I'm 23 and from Los Angeles, CA originally and I have lived in Gainesville for a little over two years now. Profession wise I work full-time at SFCC as a receptionist/web designer. Academically I am a part-time student at SFCC working towards an AS in Internet Services Technology with a specialization in web design. So I basically spend my day designing websites and graphics as well as directing students around.

I'm single cause I have "no game" or so I'm told ;) Though in person I am friendly and bubbly.

I like to do various things in my spare time so I am up for anything. I am not big on these Miami-esque clubs here (LA is better XP) because I just don't identify with that scene. If I hang out anywhere in town it's usually with friends outside Bento, Maude's Durty Nelly's (on ocassion) and sometimes Market Street. But I am a homebody for the most part right now (damn addictive video games).

I'm not looking for a particular type of guy, just someone I get along with. Unfortunately I am a tad shy when I first meet someone but it goes away pretty quickly depending on the person.


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Newbie [15 Sep 2004|01:59pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

HI! My name is Megan. I'm a freshman at UF, lookin for college men, (not boys) and...well, it's college, what are any of us looking for? :) Taking precal, linguistics, cognitive psych, and bio this semester. Don't really have a major yet, though am planning on two minors: art history and computer science and information. I'm 5 foot 4 (approx.) brownish hair, green eyes, pale skin. I'm in the fencing club, Gators for Kerry, equestrian club, Team FL. I listen to most music, though less so R&B/Rap/HipHop. Love Dido, Indigo Girls, Rob Zombie, and Disturbed, among others. I write erotic stories (when time permits). I love to read, Ayn Rand, Robert Heinlein, Carl Sagan, I'll read anything from history to fantasy. I'm 18 yrs old. I don't perticularly like to go clubbing, like parties at which actual conversation can be held over the music without screaming. I do not smoke anything, but will drink at social occasions. I love most foods, excepting some fruits and veggies. Anything spicy is awesomeness. Chocolate is my god. Guess that's me...if I could fit into a nut shell.

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one more thing... [15 Sep 2004|01:04pm]

my AIM is gogat0r, if you want to talk.
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At work, bored, need entertainment, so why the hell not? [15 Sep 2004|11:47am]

[ mood | bored ]

I made a post here a while back, but what the hell, I'll give it a shot again.

My name is Dru, and here's a bit about me in easy-to-read bullet format:

- I'm looking for people to just hang out with, or more.
- I'm not much into clubs or house parties, but I absolutely adore Durty Nelly's and it feels like home to me.
- I consider myself a political person and I like healthy debate as long as the other person can handle it, doesn't get personal, or huffy and emotional. :)
- I'm a Libertarian
- I'm 22
- I tend to be attracted to the opposite sex
- I'm 6' tall.
- I'm pretty straight-forward
- I like make lame "your moma" jokes and have my own silly vocabulary
- I'm kinda shy until I've been around someone for ~2.8675309 hrs or I've had 2.8675309 drinks in an hour.
- I don't smoke tobacco or otherwise.
- I have no "must" requirements for anyone I have any kind of relationship with(i.e. must be religion X, belong to political party Y, only eat foods A-Q, like music genres D,E, and F, etc). Doing so is just narrow-minded and silly.
- I work in the CIRCA computer labs at UF if you feel the need to stalk or something.
- I fully intend to recieve flack from my friends for posting this.

- wearing beanies
- computers and videogames
- people who are comfortable with their sexuality
- Halo
- all-you-can eat pizza
- dark beer
- Indian food
- 80's night at Durty Nelly's and occasionally pretending I can dance.
- pussy indie music
- some more mainstream rock
- film
- the few, the proud, the people who can cook.

- the practice of flipping up one's collar
- people that say things like "oh, I guess you're busy I'll let you go" if you don't respond every 5 seconds to their IM musings
- needy people
- the practice of holding one's nose before submerging in water
- French accents

Annnnd...pictures behind the cutCollapse )

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[15 Sep 2004|11:17am]

Gatordate members,

First of all, to all the new members and posters, WELCOME!

Secondly, remember that its hard to find that perfect person if they haven't joined the community. So tell your friends, have them tell theirs. Post about GatorDate!

And if anyone has any good testimonials about how they met their boyfriend/girlfriend/one night stand, write it up!

- Your friendly mod
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[15 Sep 2004|01:15am]

[ mood | complacent ]

'Sup, I'm Ivan.

While I do reside in Ocala, I've been finding myself hanging out in Gainesville more often. The dating scene over here is pretty bland (everyone pretty much hangs out outta town), so I figured why not try my luck over in Gainesville?

I'm 22 with four years of college behind me (albiet CFCC) and only an AA in Journalism to show for it. I'm also a aspiring screen/comic writer and a cartoonist (widescreen.keenspace.com). Speaking of comics, I'm a pretty big geek. I like reading comic books (both mainstream and indie), playing videogames and watching anime and movies (again, both mainstream and indie), among other things. So don't be surprised if I throw out a Captain America or One Piece reference into a conversation. However, I also like reading philosophical books and various novels, just to balance things out.

Anyways, I'll be honest. I'm looking to start a relationship. While I do have likes and dislikes, I'm really not looking for any certain type of woman. If we click, we click, nothing more to it.

You wanna know anything else or just want to chat, IM me at Impulse1981.

For random bits about me (along with a picture), click below:
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you can call me darling [13 Sep 2004|06:35pm]

hi, i'm darcy.
i just turned 21 last month.
i'm a 4th year magazine major at uf, and i like gainesville so much that i think i might want to stay here as an adult.
i don't drink or do drugs, and i'm vegan.
my favorite thing to do is bake... or really, to feed people, i guess. nothing better than someone eating my cookies and smiling. i like music and books and movies, and i am a board game master. i like playing them all, but i am virtually unbeatable at boggle and clue.

i don't have a car; i prefer to ride my bike.

my favorite restaurant in gville is Chopstix. mmmmmmmm, thai curry tofu.

i'm moody as hell; i think some of that comes from being really intelligent in a world where most people aren't. i want an intellectual match. and i wanna be held.

i'm agnostic. i'm liberal. i'm afraid there's no one in this whole town for me to fall in love with. i like to be romanced like in cheesy teen movies, at least every now and then. it's been a really fucking long time.

i don't let myself date meat-eaters or people that smoke/drink alot-- it would just end badly, because i wouldn't be able to deal with it.
i also think i might make it a rule that i only date harry potter fans. haha. but i guess it's ok if you haven't read the books YET as long as you love them once you do.

i'm wearing new halloween underwear!

that's me.

if you want to see pictures, there are a million all over my lj, and i'm on moc. here's a picture of some cupcakes i mailed to my best friend for her birthday
oh no! don't be scared!Collapse )
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